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IFRRO welcomes new members

Submitted by veraliah on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 17:41

In 2020, IFRRO was pleased to welcome the following new members to our community: COSOTA, ONDA, ORPCG, PICSEL, Stichting Leenrecht and UPRAVIS. These new members bring IFRRO’s membership to 155. Following is some further information about each of the new members.

IFRRO’s first member from the Arab world, the ‘Office national des droits d’auteur et des droits voisins’ (ONDA) has joined IFRRO as a full RRO member. ONDA is commissioned by Algerian legislation to defend the moral and economic interests of holders of copyright and neighbouring rights, protect traditional cultural heritage and support artists and performers.

Also from Africa, the ‘Copyright Society of Tanzania’ (COSOTA), which was established in 2009 to collectively administer musical, artistic, literary and broadcasting rights, among other rights, has become a Provisional RRO member. Its statutory authorization enables it to issue licenses to the users of copyrighted works for purposes such as public performance, broadcasting, reproduction and rental rights.

The ‘Organisation for the Achievement of Reprographic Rights of Montenegro’ (ORPCG) has joined IFRRO as a Provisional RRO Member. Founded in 2018, ORPCG holds a license from the Montenegrin IP Office to carry out activities relevant to the collective management of written works.

In the category of Creator and Publisher Association members, two visual arts collective management organisations have joined us, showing the growing interest in engaging with IFRRO amongst visual CMOs.  The ‘Picture Industry Collecting Society for Effective Licensing’ (PICSEL), launched in 2016, is a central point for collecting monies made from reprographic and secondary digital copying within the picture industry, enabled by organisations such as the UK Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), also a member of IFRRO, with whom it holds a distribution policy agreement. UPRAVIS is a Russian organization whose remit is the collective management of the exclusive rights of photographers, artists, sculptors, and other authors of works of fine art, and also distributes the payment of royalties for resale rights.

Also, the Dutch Public Lending Right Office (Stichting Leenrecht) has joined IFRRO as an author association. Since a public lending right was first introduced in the Netherlands in 1996, it has been Stichting Leenrecht’s duty to collect public lending right payments directly from libraries, and then pay the compensation to rightsholders through several distribution agencies, each focused on a specific group of rightsholders.

We welcome all new members and look forward to productive and engaging relationships in 2020 and beyond