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IFRRO welcomes two new members

Submitted by jboyd on Tue, 11/17/2015 - 11:19

IFRRO is pleased to announce that it has accepted two new members into the IFRRO family.

ReproMold is the CMO, which has been approved by the authorities to administer the text and image levies in Moldova.  As it has not yet started distribution, it has been aceepted as a Provisional RRO. Verein Bildender Kûnstler, Fotografen und Choreografen (VBK/Bildrecht) is the Austrian Visual CMO. It cooperates and has signed bilateral agreements with a number of Visual CMOs in membership of IFRRO.  VBK Bildrecht has been accepted as a Creator and Publisher Association member.

IFRRO now has 145 members from 79 countries.