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IFRRO World Congress and Annual General Meeting 2019 

Submitted by veraliah on Tue, 11/26/2019 - 12:12

IFRRO’s  World Congress (IWC) and Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019 hosted by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), IFRRO’s RRO member in the United Kingdom, ran from 4-7 November in Edinburgh, UK. img_8243.png
IFRRO's Annual General Meeting 2019 ©IFRRO 

The event gathered over 200 participants from nearly 100 organisations and 56 countries to discuss the latest developments in the copyright arena for CMOs and authors and publishers organisations. Participants included IFRRO delegates, guests from WIPO, ARIPO and PLR International and observers The event provided participants with a unique opportunity to share knowledge and forge new professional connections. 

The Congress program began with a Board meeting and also a Roundtable for developing and emerging European RROs on 4 November, followed by the authors’ and publishers’ gatherings and the International Conference on Technology, Copyright and the Global South: Embracing Possibilities for the Future, which touched upon new technologies in developing countries and how those countries are tackling the challenges, on 5 November.

The IFRRO AGM took place on 6 November. At the AGM, a new Board was elected for the period 2019-2022. The AGM was followed by the European Group meeting and a special session of the African Development Committee. 

Finally, on 7 November, IFRRO delegates, observers and guests attended meetings of the Latin America & the Caribbean, African Development, and the Asia Pacific Committees. Later on the same day, meetings of the Legal Issues Forum, the Equipment Levy Forum and the Public Lending Right Forum were held, followed by the Visual Working Group and the Newspapers and Periodicals Working Group.