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Launch Of ARROW: A Project Aiming To Improve The Exploitation Of Creative Content

Submitted by admin on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 17:22

IFRRO is delighted to announce that  the ARROW consortium made up of 16 partners and the European Commission signed the contract for the launch of ARROW. ARROW is the acronym for Accessible Registries of Rights Information and Orphan Works towards Europeana. The 5.1 million Euro project co-funded under the European Commissions eContentplus Programme involves a broad range of European national libraries, publishers and collective management organisations, also representing writers.

ARROW aims in particular to support the EC's i2010 Digital Library Project by finding ways to clarify the rights status of orphan and out of print works, so they can be cleared for digitisation and inclusion in the Digital Library. It is a project which sets out to realise and test the solutions developed by the European Commission's High Level Expert Group. 

The project also seeks to enhance the interoperability of rights information (i.e. exchange of information) between rightholders, agents, libraries and users. Solutions envisaged by the venture include the establishment of systems for the exchange of rights data, the creation of a registry of orphan works and a network of rights clearance centres. Key to achieving this objective is interoperability, standards deployment and stakeholder involvement.

The project will last for 2.5 years and also includes IFRRO and IFRRO members FEP, CLA, CopyDan, ALCS, Kopinor, CEDRO, CFC, SNE and Kopiosto. Piero Attanasio of Associazione Italiana Editori (AIE) is the Project Co-ordinator.

Read the full press release.