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Leaked draft EU Communication on online platforms

Submitted by veraliah on Wed, 05/04/2016 - 14:12

As part of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy and following a public consultation launched in September 2015, the EU Executive body is working on the role of online platforms and the possible need to regulate them. As summarised on the dedicated webpage,

“The emergence of platforms is positive. Still, some concerns refer to issues like how online platforms collect and make use of users' data, the impact of the relative bargaining power of some actors when negotiating terms and conditions with other market players. The growing role of platforms also poses challenges to consumer protection. There is a need to further explore whether platforms provide sufficient information and safeguards to consumers, as well as the issue of digital content reuse where they act on their own behalf, or on behalf of their suppliers.”

A leaked version of a draft Communication on online platforms has been made available on the EurActiv website.

Regarding copyright specifically, the Commission, according to the leaked document, “will aim at ensuring fair allocation of the value generated by the online distribution of copyright-protected content by online platforms whose businesses are based on the provision of access to copyright-protected material” in the upcoming copyright package.

Find the leaked Communication here.