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Lithuania adopts copyright bill reinforcing reprographic rights

Submitted by veraliah on Thu, 12/06/2018 - 10:10

On 8 November, the Parliament of Lithuania adopted an amendment to the Law on Copyright and Related Rights that substantially improves the protection and remuneration for authors and publishers. For six years, authors and publishers in the country and their collective management organisation, LATGA, a member of IFRRO, have been actively working to influence Government to implement those changes. 

In October 2013, IFRRO and LATGA held a meeting and conference in Vilnius, and a statement was adopted by IFRRO’s European Development Committee calling on the Lithuanian Government to address the situation and enable rightholders to receive the compensation that they were entitled to. Since then, IFRRO and LATGA have worked together to achieve this objective. The amendments adopted on 8 November are a major success for LATGA and the rightholders that they represent, and will strengthen the position of authors and publishers by (1) enabling text and image rightholders to receive a share from private copying and (2) increasing the remuneration paid through reprography levies by adding printers and scanners to the list of equipment levied.

Caroline Morgan, IFRRO’s Chief Executive, and Samantha Holman, Chair of IFRRO’s European Group, welcomed the news. They expressed their shared hope that “this achievement in Lithuania inspires countries where the copyright legislation is deficient to address it and to give to their local authors and publishers the means to write their stories and share them with the rest of the world, which only a sound copyright legislation can make possible”.