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Major global piracy ring found liable for copyright infringement

Submitted by jboyd on Thu, 04/23/2015 - 11:17

In an action co-financed by IFRRO, Operators of pirated content sites have been handed a substantial judgment in the United States for intentionally infringing copyrights, according to an announcement from International Publishers Association (IPA).

A United States federal court has found the operators of a massive global piracy ring liable for intentionally infringing copyrights, awarding the maximum damages allowed under US law. In Elsevier Inc. v. Victor Kozlov and Pavel Kazutsin, a joint action brought by the global publishing industry, it was revealed that defendants’ sites – Avaxhome, Avaxsearch and other sites – were illegally providing instant access to complete digital copies of millions of popular books, movies, music, games, television programs, software, magazines, newspapers and other copyrighted content. Titles from 16,000 book publishers from many countries were available through the sites, which make money through advertising and registration fees.

See IPA press release.