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Malta: a better protection of copyright, including through collective management, is needed

Submitted by veraliah on Wed, 12/07/2016 - 10:23

In an opinion piece published in the Times of Malta, the oldest and most widely circulated newspaper on the island, Chris Gruppetta, Director of Publishing at Merlin Publishers, is raising awareness about the need to better protect and respect copyright. In this thorough article, Mr. Gruppetta explains why the fair remuneration paid for the reproduction of copyright-protected works is so vital for authors and publishers: without it, and without a proper enforcement of copyright, it is difficult to see how local content could continue to be produced.

Fighting book piracy, controlling and remunerating the copying of works in educational institutions, is indeed not only a matter of respecting the law but of ensuring that local content, created and published by Maltese rightholders, will continue to exist. Collective management, as documented in many studies, is one way of enabling lawful access to copyright-protected works while providing rightholders with a fair remuneration, Malta being one of the very few countries in Europe where no collective management scheme has been established yet.

Mr. Gruppetta’s article, titled ‘When stealing is fine’, can be found here.