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New cut to the compensation for private copy for text and image works in Spain

Submitted by veraliah on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 09:26
On 26 October a Ministerial Order was published determining the amount for the compensation of private copy for 2014. This money is to be distributed among book, music and movies sectors. The order reduces the compensation assigned to authors and publishers of the publishing industry in Spain to 22%. 
The Spanish government established a fund of 5 million euros to compensate book, music and movie industries for the copying of their works. From this total, the percentage assigned to the book industry is 22,61 %, while last year it was 28,98 % and 40 % in 2012, while the copying activity remains pretty much the same. 
The payment of this compensation for private copying, besides reaching authors and publishers directly, also contributes, as established by the Intellectual Property Law, to finance the social function of CEDRO, the Spanish RRO. More information on thus subject is avialble here (in Spanish). 
Olav Stokkmo, IFRRO CEO, strongly regrets the Spanish Government's decision to reduce the compensation which seems wholly indefensible.