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The Publishing industry gets ready for the European single market

Submitted by veraliah on Mon, 10/12/2015 - 09:08
At the LIBER International Book Fair in Madrid, CEDRO, the Spanish RRO, organised a round table on the impact of the European single market for the Publishing industry. During the event, which included Olav Stokkmo, IFRRO's CEO, among the speakers, it was concluded that there is a need to develop a strategy for the single market. 
In his intervention, Olav Stokkmo said that an adequate digital offer is already available in Europe. Book, magazine and newspaper industries have existing digital solutions for the single market. These solutions are copyright licensing systems, some of them are available for sales and subscriptions and are granted by publishing houses, while others (for photocopying and digital copying) are offered by the collective management organisations such as CEDRO, in Spain. 
Stokkmo added that the strategy for the European Union should not include new exceptions to intellectual property, like those proposed for the education and libraries fields. However, if new exceptions are to be included, authors and publishers should be remunerated for the use of their works, in order to ensure a healthy publishing industry.