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Quebec Superior Court approves settlement between Copibec and Laval University

Submitted by veraliah on Thu, 11/22/2018 - 17:10

Copibec, the RRO of Quebec, and Laval University have announced that their out-of-court settlement agreement was approved by Justice Simon Hébert of the Quebec Superior Court and that Laval University has signed the comprehensive licence agreement applicable to Quebec universities.

The Court’s approval of the settlement has now put an end to the legal dispute between the two parties concerning copyright royalty management for the university’s teaching and research activities. Both parties are looking forward to once again working collaboratively for the benefit of authors, publishers, teaching personnel and students. In addition to signing on to the Copibec licence agreement, Laval University intends to maintain its Copyright Office (Bureau du droit d’auteur) which is responsible for supporting all personnel and the student community in applying the Copyright Act to teaching, learning and scholarly communication activities. The university will also continue its campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of copyright compliance in the university community.

Caroline Morgan, IFRRO’s CEO and Secretary General, welcomed the announcement and congratulated Copibec and Laval University. “This agreement shows the value of licensing and the commitment of all stakeholders to respect copyright and promote fair and easy access to works”, she said.

Find a joint press release issued by Copibec and Laval University here in English and here in French.