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Reports and Surveys


Easy Access to Copyright published works 

Examples of authorisation granted by publishers and RROs for the use of published works by libraries and educational institutions
The following document has been developed with the aim of contributing to the sharing of best practices on the use of copyright works in libraries and educational institutions. The examples of authorisation through collective management are from rights managed by RROs. 
Easy Access to Copyright published works (PDF file

Toolkit for Licensing, including micro licensing in text and image works

The following document has been developed within the framework of the European Commission initiative Licences for Europe ( in its Working Group on Small Scale Users (WG2). 
Toolkit (PDF file)


IFRRO/WIPO International Survey on Text and Image Copyright Levies

NEW 2015 edition updated with 2014 figures

IFRRO has published with WIPO a joint study on Text and Image based Copyright Levies. It is the first comprehensive and detailed study of text and image levies (TI levies) world-wide. It analyzes the origins, scope and current use of these levies around the world, their role in ensuring easy legal access to copyright material, and shows how and why TI levies are different from audio and audio-visual private copying levies. The aim is to provide transparent information on the administration of the levy system with regard to authors, publishers, users of copyright works, manufacturers, importers, and other stakeholders.

IFRRO Study on Reproduction Rights Organisations in European Countries (June 2005)

To shed some light on how RROs are set up and operate in European countries, IFRRO carried out a Study on RROs in European Countries,  that covers 25 RROs in 22 European countries of which 20 are EU Member States.

IFRRO New Technology Committee survey on Digital Uses (October 1999)

In 1992, the  New Technologies Committee of IFRRO conducted a survey on the role that electronic rights management system might play in the delivery of the services to the clients of its member organisations. A questionnaire was circulated to gather information on the subject of electronic rights management (DRM). The aim of such a survey was to develop some kind of consensus amongst users around which existing services could be improved and new services developed. This included possible uses and terms and conditions of licenses to permit such uses.

See the results from the survey