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Russian High Court now given power to order ISPs and website hosters to permanently block websites

Submitted by jboyd on Fri, 05/08/2015 - 08:03

The Russian High Court has been given the power to order ISPs and website hosting companies to permanently block websites that repeatedly infringe copyright. Alongside the launch of services such as iTunes & Google Play and local music services such as Yandex, Torrent sites have been sent a final notification from the Russian Government telling them that “the systematic violation of intellectual property rights will result in sites providing access to stolen content being blocked forever” and giving a deadline of 1 May.

According to IFPI data, Russia, with an estimated 144 million people, contributed – in total – just US $72.8m to the recorded music industry last year, across digital, physical and public performance, while the UK with less than half that population generated $1.33 billion.
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