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SAZOR, the Slovenian RRO, to start distributing royalties from school usage to rightsholders for the first time

Submitted by veraliah on Fri, 04/06/2018 - 15:18

At a recent press conference, SAZOR, IFRRO’s Slovenian member, announced that after the signing of a ground breaking licensing agreement with the Ministry of Education in 2016, which covers the reproduction of copyrighted material of over 97% of the Slovenian schools (primary, secondary schools and kindergartens), they will soon start distributing the royalties from school usage collected through the academic year 2016 – 2017 to authors and publishers. This is the first time that authors and publishers will be compensated for the secondary uses of their works in Slovenia. At the press conference where, SAZOR, the Ministry of Education and School representatives were present, it was said that a commission is currently working on the monitoring of what is being reproduced in schools and its findings will form the basis of the next term agreement and tariffs.

SAZOR also announced during the press conference the launching of the campaign School Can Photocopy - Photocopying Enhances the Circle of Knowledge. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the additional value that photocopying can add to the students’ learning experiences and understanding as it can be a useful tool for studying and help spread knowledge. The campaign includes information about the legal context for SAZOR activities, what can be photocopied and the scope of the agreement. SAZOR reported about the press conference here (in Slovenian)