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Self-publishers can now help change lives and bring eBooks to a wider audience

Submitted by jboyd on Wed, 04/13/2016 - 10:14

Authors can bring their books to millions more readers with the International Authors Forum's (IAF) new guide for self-published authors on how to make their eBooks accessible for people who are blind or face other challenges to reading books in standard print.

‘Accessible eBook Guidelines for Self-Publishing Authors’ is co-produced with the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) and written by accessibility expert Dave Gunn. It describes how those with ‘print disabilities’, like sight loss or dyslexia, use technology to read eBooks, and what steps authors can take to ensure their books are compatible with that technology.
The guide offers easy to follow instructions on how to make eBooks more reader friendly for all users. It includes a handy checklist and explains how to avoid common pitfalls which hinder the reader experience by taking a few simple steps when creating and formatting a word processing document.

See full press release from IAF.