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Successful final conference for the Rights Data Integration (RDI) Project

Submitted by jboyd on Thu, 12/10/2015 - 12:06

On 9 December, RDI, the part-EU-funded digital copyright project, held a conference to showcase the significant innovation in managing copyright online it has developed over a two-year period.  Thanks to the collaboration and support of project partners from the music, publishing, audiovisual, authors and image sectors , RDI’s work will revolutionize creators’ ability to express their rights online as well as B2B and B2C users’ ability to find content, use and re-use content. IFRRO is a contracting partner in the RDI Project

European Commission Senior Innovation Adviser Robert Madelin said: "The success of this project reaffirms the synergy in Europe between private brainwaves and modest tax-funded support. This has been a two-year journey of innovation to improve legitimate access to online content and help towards the creation of a Digital Single Market, one of the aims being to improve and widen people's access to cultural content online – thereby nurturing cultural diversity – while opening new opportunities for creators and the content industry.”

The interoperable data model tested in the project will support millions of micro-web transactions, that would otherwise need to be managed manually.

The RDI project will directly benefit:

•           Anyone wishing to access and re-use online content easily and legally, whether individuals or businesses

•           Anyone wishing to create, upload and build business models around online content, whether individuals or businesses

•           Authors and individual professional artists of all types of online content wishing to make their work identifiable in machine-readable language

•           Businesses wishing to improve the efficiency of their licensing and rights management departments

•           Regulators working to improve licensing and to boost the digital economy

The RDI project partners (including IFRRO) now call on the creative sectors to integrate a rights’ data vision in their creations and right holdings to sustain and boost Europe’s cultural and creative assets on the web.

Click here for full RDI Press release