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VG Wort Collection doubled - appeals to politicians to defend distribution model including publishers

Submitted by jboyd on Mon, 06/13/2016 - 12:09

At a series of meetings of the VG Wort governing bodies in Berlin, the German RRO reported an income of  Eur 305.32 million. This was more than double the good result of the previous year (Eur 144.18 million). Administrative costs amounted to a very modest 2.4% of the domestic income.

In the light of the  judgement of Federal Court of Justice of Germany (BGH) in the case of Vogel v VG WORT (Az. 1 ZR 198/13),  the Board and Council of Administration decided that, until further notice, there will be no distributions to publishers. VG WORT will decide separately on a possible resumption of distributions to publishers when the existing Distribution Plan has been revised in the light of the legal position arising from the BGH decision.

In the meantime VG Wort called on those politically responsible to ensure, quickly and effectively, that the previous structure of VG WORT, involving joint administration of rights, continues to be possible.

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