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CEDRO's fight against online piracy results in the blockage of 122 Telegram channels

Submitted by veraliah on Thu, 05/14/2020 - 21:08

CEDRO, IFRRO’s Spanish RRO member, successfully blocked 122 Telegram channels, with more than 380,000 users, where thousands of pirated copies of books, newspapers and magazines were shared. Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service similar to WhatsApp and Viber and given the average size of written works files, they were shared easily in the platform.

The use of messaging platforms such as Telegram has seen a significant growth over the confinement period. For that reason, at the end of April, CEDRO requested Telegram to block more than one hundred and twenty channels where it had detected that unauthorized copies of books, newspapers and magazines were being shared indiscriminately.

Jorge Corrales, CEDRO's General Director said  "This is not the first time that this messaging application collaborates with CEDRO in the fight against digital piracy. However, we had never managed to stop the illegal activity of such a large number of groups, especially through its web version, in which pirate copies of our members' works were being shared". Corrales added that "the publishing sector is strategic for Spain, both because of its cultural and educational dimension and because of its economic and job-creating aspect". He is confident that "together we can ensure that digital piracy does not represent a burden for the book and periodicals chain". Jorge Corrales recalls that "we are talking about the country's leading cultural industry and that it has a very powerful foreign market, especially in Latin America".

For CEDRO’s full press release, please click here. CEDRO’s achievements against piracy have been widely covered in the Spanish press, such as in El MundoLa Vanguardia and ABC.