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IFRRO re-launches Content for Education website

Submitted by veraliah on Thu, 07/09/2020 - 10:07

IFRRO has today re-launched its Content for Education (C4E) website in light of the ongoing work by EU Member States to implement the EU’s Copyright in the Digital Single Market (“DSM”) Directive into national law.

The C4E website focuses on the implementation of the mandatory exception for “illustration for teaching” under Article 5 of the Directive. It aims to:

  • raise awareness about the benefits of having a balanced exception for authors, publishers and teachers / students and the dangers of a broad, unremunerated exception,
  • reinforce the importance of authors and publishers being remunerated when their works are used by educational establishments under Article 5,  
  • provide information about collective licensing solutions that exist across Europe and the benefits for millions of pupils / students and their teachers as well as authors and publishers , and 
  • provide suggestions for how Article 5 can be transposed in a way that ensures sustainable, diverse, high-quality content for education in Europe.

The C4E website includes explanatory videos, as well as testimonials from authors (including writers, literary translators, visual artists, journalists), publishers and teachers from across the EU, who are united in their concern that the sustainable delivery of quality content for education must not be put at risk. It also includes a Q&A document with a more detailed explanation of Article 5, its implementation and the potential consequences.

Looking ahead, EU Member States have until June 2021 to implement the provisions of the DSM Directive into national law. As law-makers across the EU draft and debate legislation implementing Article 5, they are encouraged to consult with local Reproduction Rights Organisations, authors and publishers, who are well-placed to explain the implications of proposed legislation and to offer pragmatic and effective solutions to allow digital uses of protected works in education.