IFRRO adopts Position Statement on Artificial Intelligence

On 29 March 2023, the IFRRO Board unanimously approved IFRRO’s Position Statement on AI.  
IFRRO’s mission is to develop and promote effective collective rights management to ensure that the copyrights of authors and publishers are valued through the lawful and remunerated use of text and image-based works. To fulfil its mission, IFRRO must advocate for the companies and organisations who use copyrighted material in the training of AI-systems to seek authorisation for use of copyrighted material.  This is essential in the protection of copyright and protecting the opportunity for individual rightsholders to authorise use of their material through licences and for RROs to develop collective models, including licences, on behalf of rightsholders to do the same. 

Click here to access IFRRO’s Position Statement on AI.