IFRRO holds its Annual General Meeting 2021

On 3rd November, over 130 attendees representing 107 member organisations, participated in IFRRO’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which took place virtually for a second year in a row due to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

At the AGM, IFRRO members approved the 2020/21 Annual Report (available here) presented by Yngve Slettholm, IFRRO’s President. In speaking to  the report, Yngve focused on the economic, communications, health, operational and strategic challenges the pandemic has posed for the creative sector as a whole, including IFRRO members. He expressed the view that despite these challenges our community had adapted and continued to move forward. Through communications, seminars and meetings, IFRRO had supported its members at a national level, and also actively engaged with and influenced international decision makers.   

Dora Makwinja, IFRRO’s First Vice President, presented the Membership Report. She advised that IFRRO currently has 159 members of which 108 are RRO members and 51 are Creator or Publisher Association members, having welcomed three new members during the year. Dora also commented on the work of the Board committee that was undertaking a review of membership categories, fee structure and governance. She advised that when this group has reached its conclusions they will then begin a process of consultations on their recommendations with members.   

Caroline Morgan, CEO and Secretary General of IFRRO, presented the revised strategic plan for the period 2021-2023 as agreed by the Board. She advised the meeting about the Board’s decision to add diversity to IFRRO’s values, as a signal of their commitment to representing IFRRO’s diverse and global membership. Caroline also advised that IFRRO would soon launch its new website, which will have a fresher look and will be more user friendly.  

The Financial Report was presented by Tracey Armstrong, 2nd Vice President and Treasurer of IFRRO. In her report, she provided an overview of the Financial Statements for 2020/21, and also presented the 2021/22 Budget, each of which were also approved by members.   

In closing the meeting, Yngve Slettholm advised that, in view of the global health situation, a decision about the location of the 2022 International Congress will be made in March 2022.