Jean Paul Langhoor Beitia is appointed General Manager and CEO of Auvibel and Reprobel

As of 7 June, Jean-Paul Langhoor-Beitia was appointed as the General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Auvibel and Reprobel. Mr. Langhoor-Beitia brings with him an extensive and diverse management experience, having held leadership roles positions in different industry sectors.   

As Auvibel and Reprobel are now working closely together, the boards of directors of each organisation decided to combine their management in Brussels under a single General Manager/CEO.

The objective of the merger is to further professionalize both organisations activities and increase their efficiency in collecting and distributing private copying rights, remuneration for reprography, print & digital reuse, public lending rights, and education & scientific research remuneration, to the benefit of thousands of copyright holders in Belgium and around the world. 

For further information including new contact details for Auvibel and Reprobel, please contact Annemie Maes, Head of Communication & Distribution, at