Malta: first distribution to authors and publishers for the reproduction of works in schools

For the first time, Maltese authors and publishers whose works were copied by schools during the last year have been paid for the reproduction of their works. A total amount of €100,000 was paid out, divided equally between authors and publishers.
A year previously, in December 2020, representatives of the Maltese rightsholders and the Ministry of Education signed a framework agreement for the reprographic and digital use of Maltese books in all schools. Through the agreement, the use of works in the primary and secondary education sector in Malta would now be licensed, with fees to be paid to authors and publishers. The licence permits pupils and teachers in all public and Church schools to copy up to 10% of a copyright-protected work. 
To ensure a smooth implementation of the agreement, the National Book Council of Malta prepared an explanatory manual on the  use of reprography and digital copying of Maltese books in schools. The Manual provides information and guidelines for educators and contains the best practices in the use of copyrighted published materials in schools. It has been disseminated to all public and Church schools educators in Malta and Gozo – for further information, see the latest National Book Council Annual Report.
IFRRO congratulates the Malta Reprographic Rights Organisation (MRRO), the National Book Council, the Maltese government and all stakeholders involved for this major achievement that will nurture the local creative industries and support the school system. It is an important and significant first step towards a comprehensive licensing system under which all rightsholders whose works are copied in Maltese schools will be paid.