The Art of Copying: Revised Edition 2022

 We are pleased to announce the release of a revised edition of The Art of Copying, first developed by the Visual Material Working Group of IFRRO with input from members in 2005. The publication was updated this year to reflect the new uses of visual material and its incorporation into RRO licences. The 2022 edition can be read here.  

In The Art of Copying, we provide our members with practical advice on best practice when managing visual material. Among its contents are: types of visual material and how they are protected by copyright; methods of incorporating visual material into publications; advantages of including visual material in RRO licences, including reduced risk and added value; securing mandates from visual creators; consulting visual creators and involving them in RRO governance; and measurement of copying levels, allocation of revenue, and international payments.

We trust that the information in the publication will assist both RROs and organisations representing visual creators to effectively manage the inclusion of visual content in RRO licences.