• 1980

    IFRRO began in 1980 as a working group of the Copyright Committee of the International Publishers Association and the International Group of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (STM)

  • May 1984


    This working group became an informal consortium called the International Forum for Reproduction Rights Organisations. This change acknowledged the more direct participation of authors and other rights owners within the group

  • April 1988


    IFRRO became a formal federation eligible to speak on behalf of its constituents before various international bodies such as WIPO, UNESCO, the European Community, and the Council of Europe

  • September 1992


    IFRRO adopted new Statutes and Guidelines which provided for the establishment of a Board of Directors and a professional Secretariat

  • October 1996


    The statutes and guidelines were amended

  • May 1996


    IFRRO adopted a new 3-year plan involving the restructuring and expansion of its activities in many areas. In particular, it was decided to create an IFRRO Development Fund to finance special projects and assist new RROs

  • January 1998


    The IFRRO Secretariat established its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium