IFRRO held its most recent Board Elections at the 2022 General Assembly Week in Brussels.

The next elections for positions on the IFRRO Board will be held at the General Assembly in 2025. Further information about the composition of the IFRRO Board of Directors can be found in the IFRRO Statutes.

Information about those currently serving on the IFRRO Board appears below.

Tracey Armstrong

CCC (United States)

Tracey Armstrong is the President and CEO of CCC, named to KMWorld’s Top 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management.  With more than 30 years of rights management experience, Tracey is a leader in global copyright. She has served on the IFRRO Board since 2012, a Vice President since 2016, and chairs the IFRRO international conference. She is also on the board of PublisHer. Since becoming CEO in 2007, she has led CCC through a period of significant growth and innovation. She has championed corporate and individual social responsibility, initiating CCC’s global “We Not Me” program. Tracey holds an MBA from Northeastern University.

Samantha Holman

Representing RRO Members – ICLA (Ireland)

Samantha Holman has been CEO of the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency since 2001.  Prior to that and having graduated with a degree in Applied Linguistics, she studied law and moved into teacher training and academic management.  She has been an active participant in IFRRO, with a particular interest in development work, first with the Phare Project and then as Chair of the European Development Committee from 2003 to 2018.  She has been a vice-Chair and Chair of the European Group and has served on the IFRRO Board in different capacities since 2014. At national level, Samantha has been a founding director of IVARO, the visual artist’s CMO in Ireland and a director of the Irish ALAI Group.  She lectures widely both nationally and internationally on Collective Management, Copyright and Copyright in Education.

Anders Kristian Rasch
Credit: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Representing RRO Members – Copydan Writing (Denmark)

Anders Kristian Rasch Anders Kristian Rasch holds a law degree from the University of Copenhagen and a bachelor’s degree in management with focus on strategy and organizational theory from the University of Southern Denmark.

Anders has been CEO of Copydan Writing since 2008. During that period, Copydan Writing has managed to successively develop new agreements within the educational area as well as within the area of both private and public businesses. From 2012 – 2018, Anders held the vice- Chair position in IFRRO’s European Group – a defining period in policy work and lobbying where a considerable amount of EU directives and EU regulations were negotiated. Through the years, Anders has also served as an active member of the European Development Committee, Nominating Committee and Membership Committee. 

Representing RRO members from Denmark, Anders has served on the IFRRO Board of Directors since 2019.

Sandra Chastanet

Representing RRO Members – CFC (France)

Sandra Chastanet is the Rightsholders & International Director of the Centre Français d’exploitation du droit de Copies (CFC), the French RRO representing both authors and publishers in the book and press sector. Lawyer by training, Sandra holds a Master in EC law from Kingston University, UK, and a Master in Public Law from Aix-Marseille University, France. She started her career in the publishing industry, working with Bloomsbury Publishing and French publisher, Plon. Joining CFC in 2003 to develop righstholders’ digital rights management and international relations, she was appointed Director in 2015. Working closely with rightsholders and their representatives’ organisations, she is committed to promote their interest and develop collective digital licensing strategies.  

Sandra has been actively involved in the IFRRO’s work since 2003, participating in number of projects and chairing the Newspapers & Periodicals working group since 2011. She has served on the IFRRO Board since 2016. Sandra is also a Board member of PDLN (the Press Database and Licensing Network), an international organisation member of IFRRO, dedicated to promoting collective licensing of Press content and develop international collaboration in that field.

Robert Staats
Credit: Julia Krueger

Representing RRO Members - VG WORT (Germany)

Robert Staats has been the joint CEO of VG WORT since 2009. He is a lawyer by profession and holds a Doctorate degree in copyright law. Between 1994 and 2008, he worked as a judge and civil servant. Robert is also a Board member of the Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA). In Germany, he chairs the Copyright Committee of the German Cultural Council, is a member of further committees in the field of copyright law and serves as a Board member of the German Literary Fund. Robert is the author of publications on copyright law as well as a lecturer. 

Robert served as vice-Chair of the European Group of IFRRO from 2012 to 2014 with an additional term in 2018. He also Chairs the Task Force on Out-of-Commerce Works. Robert has served on the IFRRO Board since 2019.

Javier Díaz de Olarte

Representing RRO Members – CEDRO (Spain)

A lawyer  since 1995, Javier worked for six years at AIE, the Spanish music performers CMO. Having joined CEDRO in 2006, he has served as Director of the Legal Department since 2010. 

Javier is skilled at managing legal proceedings which aim at achieving a fair legal framework both, for authors and publishers, and to develop an effective enforcement of the law. Throughout his career Javier has contributed to numerous publications with on issues related to authors and publishers´ intellectual property rights and their collective management. He also regularly takes part as a guest speaker in different courses and seminars on these same matters. He is an active member of different professional organizations including ALADDA, the Spanish section of ALAI.

Javier has served as Vice President of the Press Database and Licensing Network (PDLN) since 2021, and Substitute Director of IFRRO Board since 2019.

Anke Schierholz

Representing Creator and Publisher Association Members, creators – EVA (Europe)

Anke studied law in Munich and was student-fellow at the Munich Max-Planck Institute before she gained professional experience as a copyright lawyer with a prestigious Berlin IP-law firm. Since 1999 she has served as Head of Legal at the German visual CMO, VG Bild-Kunst. Her focus is on copyright policy, legislation and the legal framework for creatives and CMOs. Anke has been deeply involved in legislative processes both at national and EU level.

Anke has been an active member of the IFRRO community since 2007, working closely with EVA, OLA, SAA and other international copyright organisations. She has served on the IFRRO Board since 2019.

Flavia Alvez Bravin

Representing Creator and Publisher Association Members, publishers – IPA (International)

Flavia Alves Bravin has over 25 years’ experience in publishing. She is Head of Saber Education, a leading Brazilian educational publishing house, and part of Cogna Group, one of the largest educational group, where she is also a partner. She is active within the Brazilian publishing trade associations – she is currently Vice-President of Abrelivros (Educational Content), Director of SNEL (Book Publishers Union), former President of ABDR (Copyright), and also a Board Member of Minha Biblioteca (higher ed. digital content and platform consortium).

Flavia holds a PhD in Business (University of Sao Paulo), and also attended other courses as the Professional Publishing (Stanford University) and Leading Change (London Business School). She is a Professor in Leadership and Publishing (FIA Business School and MBA in Book Publishing).

Andrew Fong

Representing RRO Members – CLASS (Singapore)

A former member of CLASS Board of Directors, Andrew joined CLASS in August 2020 and took over as CLASS CEO on 1 February 2021. A seasoned executive, Andrew held various senior executive positions in both local and international multi-national corporations. Prior to joining CLASS, Andrew was General Manager at Oxford University Press leading the company’s business development efforts in Southeast Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Andrew also previously held positions as Head, International Markets with Marshall Cavendish Education and as Managing Director of Pearson Singapore & Malaysia.

Deeply involved in education and publishing for over 20 years, Andrew is committed to making measurable progress in people’s lives through quality content in education. Joining the IFRRO Board in 2022, Andrew brings extensive experience in strategic decision-making, business process engineering, quality assurance and change management. 

Lazarus Serobe

Representing RRO Members – DALRO (South Africa)

Lazarus was appointed Managing Director of DALRO in 2014. Since joining DALRO, Lazarus has solidified DALRO’s relationships with local and international stakeholders and has led DALRO through a transition which saw DALRO affiliated copyright-holders associations and staff become shareholders. Lazarus is a lawyer by training and holds a BA (Law & Sociology) and LLB from WITS University and a LLM in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Johannesburg. Lazarus has been an executive level copyright practitioner for over 30 years, including extensive experience in the music sector (Sony Music/ Warner Music) and has in that time led several strategic and ground-breaking initiatives. He joins the IFRRO Board for the first time in 2022.

Mogens Blicher Bjerregård
Credit: Jakob Carlsen

Representing Creator and Publisher Association Members, creators – EFJ (Europe)

Mogens is a journalist and consultant specializing in capacity building of media organizations, authors’ rights, self-regulation and ethics, and on media development for democracies in Europe, Africa and Asia. He has been involved in the founding process of the International Media Support, the MoU of the Safety Platform at Council of Europe, as well as contributing to discussions on press freedom issues for the Nordic Council of Ministers and for the EU. Mogens’ extensive experience includes serving as Vice-chair of the Danish UNESCO National Commission, a Board member of the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, President of the Danish Union of Journalists 1999-2015, and President of the European Federation of Journalists 2013-2022.

He currently serves as International Advisor at the Danish Union of Journalists, and as Board member of Copydan Writing (2002-2016/ 2019 - present). He has also served terms on the Boards of Copydan AVMedia and the Copydan umbrella organization, Copydan House.

Duncan Campbell

Representing Creator and Publisher Association Members, publishers – STM (International)

Duncan is Duncan is Senior Director, Global Sales Partnerships at John Wiley & Sons, where he led teams responsible for licensing & business development, agent relations, collective rights management & permissions across the whole range of Wiley’s academic journal and database content. 

Duncan started his career in publishing as an assistant at the University of Wales Press, and has over twenty years’ experience in the publishing & information industry in progressively more senior roles, ranging from book commissioning and digital product management through to sales, business development and policy/government affairs.

Duncan is the co-chair of the CLOCKSS digital archive, a not-for-profit joint venture between the world's leading academic publishers and research libraries, a member of the International Publishers’ Rights Organization (IPRO) board, vice-chair of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) copyright committee, and a non-executive director of Seren Books, a literary publisher based in Wales.